Saturday, November 17, 2012

Raja Ampat Trip

Hellooo... This time I would like to share my trip to Raja Ampat. Tanpa berbasa-basi, langsung saja ane jelasin. In english ya, kali-kali ada bule yg pengen tau juga.

Okay, to Raja Ampat from Sorong you can take Marina Express (public transportation) from local harbor (+/- 15 minutes from Airport) they depart at 14.00 WIT everyday to Waisai (Capital City of Raja Ampat), cost 150k Rupiah . And going back from Waisai at the same time 14.00 WIT. It takes approximately 2,5 hours one way. (You have to check, I heard every Saturday Marina Express going back from Waisai to Sorong at 11.00 am WIT). You can also rent a boat but it is very expensive, one way Sorong-Waisai can cost you +/- 4 million Rupiah.

There are lots of amazing places you can discover in Raja Ampat. I spent 1 night in Raja Ampat, Mansuar island as you can see on map below. There were 7 people in my team including me. I was planning to go alone but I found them almost lost dunno where to go, on the way to Waisai, so I take them with me LOL.

Map of Raja Ampat (My journey route)

I Stay in Mangkur Kodon homestay, it is very beautiful place with less price compare to the other. You can snorkel around the homestay (see star fish, lots of pretty fishes and if you're lucky you can see turtles) and the sunset is  also awesome.

Mangkur Kodon
To get there you need to confirm to the owner, Raymond (085243359154), he is very nice and polite guy. Signal in Raja Ampat is very weak, try SMS then call him. Most of the visitor in Mangkur Kodon is expat so for foreign visitor don’t worry about the communication. After confirmation they will pick you in Waisai and take you to Mansuar. Here’s the tricky one, transportation in Raja Ampat cost little bit more expensive compare to other places. They charge you more for pick up services. For the trip, he have itinerary for one day trip around Mansuar and he could take you to a beautiful places for Snorkeling and believe me its breath taking hahaha and it cost 2 million Rupiah (One day around Mansuar), again you have to bargain since it was price for 7 people. Summary item:

·     Price Homestay
1 person cost 400k Rupiah/night (2 person cost 600k Rupiah/night)

·     Facilities
One bungalow, 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), Snacks, Fruits, Water for drinks, Fresh water for bath (they have water resource from hills), the bath room and bungalow is acceptably decent. Electricity available from 6 pm – 6 am.

·     Pick up from Waisai to Mansuar
450k Rupiah one way – 30 Minutes (Since I was with 7 people they give me that price, you can always bargain so maybe they could reduce the price using smaller boat)

·     Trip around Mansuar/day
2 Million (again it is for 7 people, you have to bargain).

Here’s my itinerary:

I go from Friday (Using Marina Express) and back at Saturday night using charter boat. Don’t ask me why I have to go back at night since there were too much drama in my team so, let’s leave it there hahaha.

14.00     Depart from Sorong to Waisai (using Marina Express)
16.30     Depart from Waisai to Mansuar Island (Pick by Raymond)
17.00     Arrive at Mansuar island (Mangkur Kodon) – You can then snorkel and watch sunset.
19.00     Dinner

Saturday (One day trip around Mansuar Island)
05.00    Depart from Mansuar to …. (I forgot the island) to see Bird of Paradise (Cendrawasih etc) – In my opinion its not worthed since very difficult to see the bird and long tracking. If you have limited time I suggest you to boating around the island, it has a very beautiful view.
09.00    Snorkeling in the island …. (also forgot haha)
11.00    Visit island …. (yak saya lupa juga). They offer pure green sea water and corals and bukit2 kecil (sorry I don’t know the English for that :p)
12.30    Snorkeling in Gusung island (Fantastic sea view and too many fishes I want to cry haha)
14.00    Back to Mangkur Kodon for Lunch

Actually, after lunch you can ask Raymond to other places, but well too much drama in my team so we stay in Mangkur Kodon (snorkeling and enjoy sunset) then go back to Sorong at 18.00 pm that cost us 4 million Rupiah.

Here's some of the pictures: